Concert rider

Technical rider of “Communique” group

Mixer board: minimum 12 microphone inputs, 2 stereo pairs, 2 fills.

Vocal microphones: 4 (Shure sm 58 preferable).  Instrumental microphones: 5 (Shure sm 57 + AkgD112 preferable).

Cabinet/ comboguitar tube: 2 ( Fender, Marshall, Vox, Soldano preferable)

Cabinet/bass combo: 1 (Phil Jones, Ampeg, Markbass preferable)

Monitors: 2-4

Racks: keyboard – 2, microphone boom – 6-8, guitar rack – 3-5

Drum set: Ludwig, Pearl, Yamaha.

Content and sizes: rack toms: 10 and 12, floor toms: 14 and 16.

Bass-drum: 22. Racks: high hat (in working condition with the opportunity to lift and pull down, with the level holder): 1 , small drum: 1, cymbals: 4 (necessary!!!),  drum chair with height adjustment: 1, industrial carpet under drums.

P.S. We are very glad that at the present moment most of the stages are well equipped. If you don’t have any of the items from our rider on your stage we’ll help you to solve this problem.