«The idea of this project was cherished by me for a long time. At different moments I did some efforts on this direction. Years passed and one day my fate was favorable to me and gave me an opportunity to meet with my idol – Mark Knopfler. And I realized that I should go on again. That is why there is red Stratocaster in my hands again…»

Игорь Некрасов и Марк Нофлер

The group “Communigue” was created on the 9th of November, 2010 in Moscow. Despite our “youthful stage” we are very proud by the fact that we are considered to be one of the famous Moscow cover groups for such a short period.

At the first and most difficult stage of creating the group my friends, musicians, helped me: Maxim Dorbeko (guitar), Eugen Bordunov – guitar

Sergey Nekhaev – keyboard, back-vocal,  Alexander Sergeev (bass), Sergey Mikanchev – bass Vlad Kaurov (guitar), Maxim Gvozdev (bass), and Vladimir Skotsky (guitar).

Today the band “Communique” consists of:

Igor Nekrasov – lead-guitar, vocal

Gennady Martov-guitar

Oleg Kobzev -keyboard

Eugen Kuznetsov–drums, back-vocal

Alexey Balabanov -bass

Rita Nekrasova – back-vocal, percussion, flute, bagpipes, ukulele

First of all you’ll hear Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler songs at our concerts. But as practice showsthe audience really liked our Russian-language songs written of course in Dire Straits style at our concerts. So, we decided not to stop this process and I think we’ll make Russian-language album “Communique” in the nearest future.

We understand that it’s impossible and not so necessary to make 100% copy of Mark Knopfler songs but we are trying to make the songs closer to the original at our concerts, hoping for grateful audience sharing our love for the work of the unique guitarist, poet and composer. But of course every participant of the project lets every song through his musical experience and gets its special appeal and we can say that it is our vision of this musical material.

See you at our concerts!”

The treck-list of Mark Knopfler’ssongs  by “COMMUNIQUE» («КОММЮНИКЕ»):

1. Sultans of swing

2. Down to the waterline

3. Walk of life

4. Calling Elvis

5. Money for nothing

6. Brothers in arms

7. What it is (M.Knopfler)

8. Boom, Like that (M.Knopfler)

9. Sailing to Philadelphia (M.Knopfler)

10. So far away

11. You and your friend

12. The Bug

13. Setting me up

14. Your latest trick

15. Lady Write

16. Twisting by the pool

17. Tunnel of love

18. Heavy Fuel

19. Postcards from Paraguay (M.Knopfler)

20. Rudiger (M.knopfler)